Multi-Blade Fire Dampers


2 & 4 Hours Integrity Rating Heavy Duty – For wall and floor mounting application


The Blendair MULTI-BLADE Fire Damper Series BMBF is a HEAVY DUTY damper, designed to impede the spread of fire and/or combustible products (eg. Smoke) through wall or floor openings to other fire compartments of an air-handling system.

This range of Fire Dampers finds its application in building construction and mining industry where ventilation, heating, cooling or air-conditioning systems are employed.

The design concept is based on an interlinked set of blades that closes by gravity to form a tightly sealed barrier when a fusible thermal link breaks at a set temperature.

Blendair MULTI-BLADE Fire Dampers are certified by Standards Australia and meet AS 1682 and AS 1530 requirements.